Many of the images in this catalog were made during the last year when I split my time between my home in Michigan and travels around the continent working on a North American Migrations project. It has been an incredible year. I witnessed everything from millions of Monarch Butterflies in Mexico, to pods of Humpback Whales in the Pacific, to a sky completely filled with cranes and snow geese in Bosque Del Apache. I photographed endangered Green Turtles and dolphins in Hawaii, eagles Alaska, and loons in Michigan. I captured images of carpets of wildflowers that went on for a mile in the Mojave Desert and then I returned home to photograph carpets of Trilliums within miles of my home.

Whether I am home or on the road I find beauty all around me. And I feel honored to be able to share what I see with you. I hope that the fleeting moments that I captured will result in images that you enjoy for a lifetime.

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